Muhammad Saleem           versus              Sho Sanda Lahore.



Application for the early hearing the above said harassment petition. fixed for hearing 02-03-09.



May it please your honour,


1.     That the petitioner filed an application before this honourable court for the redress of his grievances against the respondent sho police station sanda Lahore, and the honourable court after  accept the above said petition and issued notices to the respondents  for personal appearance and para wise comments for 13-02-09 .


2.     That on 13-02-09 the respondents sho failed to appear before this honourable court so the honourable court adjourn the above said case for 02-03-09.


3.     That the respondent sho with others creating harassment towards the petitioner and his family members and the petitioner has great apprehension  that the   respondent sho would be involve  the petitioner in some criminal cases of heinous nature.

4.     That if the honourable court did not accept this petition for early hearing the above said petition the petitioner would be suffer an irrepable loss and injury .


                        Under these circumstances its most humbly prayed

                        Accept this application for early hearing, and put any

                        Short date in this case for the interest of justice  and



                                 Through  : -

Muhammad Nisar Malik
Advocate High Courts

Session Courts Lahore