Amjad Ali son of  Muhammad Ashiq Resident of 70 Jahanzaib Block Allama Iqbal Town Lahore.



1.         S.H.O. Police station Gulshan-e-Ravi Lahore.

2.         Azmat Gauri son of Unknown Resident of Ali Estate Agency Moon Market Gulshan-e-Ravi Lahore.



Petition under section 22 . A, 22. B cr. P. c for the restringing of the Respondents  not to create harassment against the petitioner and also for registration of a criminal case against the respondents.




1.     That abridgely the facts giving rise in the instant petition are that the petitioner is a law abiding citizen of Pakistan and has very good antecedents in his credit.


2.     That the petitioner was working in Kuwait for the last about 35 years and was maintaining his family , and also the petitioner made a house in gulshan e ravi Lahore .


3.     That in the year of 2004 the wife of the petitioner died, while the petitioner was in Kuwait on his job , while the wife of the petitioner left one son and four daughters , who,s are alive , while the three daughters of the petitioner are married while on the daughter namely Mst Samar is still unmarried.


4.     That  on 09-12-11 at about 8 pm when the petitioner was present at his home and the sister in laws of the petitioner Mst Rahat Sultana and Ishrat Hayat were present , at once all the Respondents armed with deadly weapons etc forcibly entered in the house of the petition , they began to beat the petitioner miserably and due to the hue and cry of the witnesses, the respondents hardly left the petitioner.


5.     That the respondent also took away jewellery , cash and mobiles etc from the cupboard , and in this way they did high handedness.


6.     That the petitioner approached the local police for the redress of his grievances but all in vain hence this petition.

Under these circumstances its most humbly prayed that kindly accept this petition and order the respondents not to create harassment towards the petitioner further more also direct to respondent No 1 for the registration of a criminal case against the respondent No 2 and others.


                          Through : -

                                                MIAN MUHAMMAD SAEED 

                                                Advocate Supreme Court,

Ilyas  Ahmed Ghouri    

Advocates High Court  

  M Sheraz Javaid     

                                                                 Advocates High Court

           50- Mozang  Road Asghari Chambers  Chowk  Safanwala  Lahore