Muhammad Asif son of Muhammad Hanif Caste Rajpoot Resident of House No 19/G Johar Town Lahore.




1.   Mian Abdul Majeed son of Mian Muhammad Shafi     Caste Arian           resident of Qilla Murad Bux Mozang Lahore.

2.  Rashid Shah din son of shah din resident of house no 24 street No 36    Nazooli Bazar Lahore.



Application for consolidation of cases in the same court.


May it please Your Honour ,

1.     That the petitioner is a law abiding citizen of Pakistan and he with others purchased a property in the area of Mozang temple road Lahore.

2.     That the defendants are tenant in the property ,that  property was purchased by the petitioner and the defendant filed different cases against the petitioner etc, in different courts,

A. Mian Abdul Majeed Vs Samina etc in    the court of Miss. Aisha Khalid civil judge , and   the next date of hearing   is fixed for 24/7/09.

b.     Mian Adbul Majeed Vs Samina Riaz etc, in the court of Mian Naveed Khaliq civil judge Lahore, and the next date of hearing is fixed for 28/7/09.

c.      Rashid shah din Vs Muhammad Asif etc in the court of Mr Javaid Iqbal Sipra civil judge Lahore , and the next date of hearing is fixed for 08/09/09.

That the matter is same , and the respondents filed these cases in different courts with malafide intention and ulterior motive , just to linger on the matter , otherwise the above said three cases are totally false , frivolous , and baseless.


That if the above said case would not be consolidated in the same court then the petitioner would suffer an irrepable loss and injury , moreover such kind of practice is just to waste the precious time of the honourable courts.


Under these circumstances its most humbly prayed that the above titled case would kindly be consolidated in the same court for the interest of justice and equity .











                                                                     MALIK ZAYYAD

                                                                           Advocate high court.