Muhammad Aslam son of Sardar Muhammad Resident of Huse No 21/ A Street NO 8 Data Street Alhamd Colony lahore.         



1.     S.H.O Police Station                     Lahore.

2.     Bin Yameen Khan son of 



Writ petition Under Section 22 /A  22 / B cr.p.c for the registeration of a criminal case against the respondent No 2 under the relevant provision of law.



1.                 That abridgely the facts giving rise in the instant petition are that the petitioner is a law abiding citizen of Pakistan and has a very good antecedents at his credit, and never involved in any criminal case .

2.                  That the respondent No 2 who is friend of the petitioner , took       Rs-19,00,000/-(ninteen lac), as loan , and as a rebutal he also issued a cheque regarding the above said amount.

3.                 That on the fixed date the petitioner deposited the above said cheque in the relevent bank, but the cheque was dishonoured due to insufficient funds.


4.                 That the petiitoner had very good relations with the respondent No. 2 so he tried his level best to solve this matter ammicable but the respondent No.2 did not pay any attention towards the petitoner’s demand and he always remained non serious for the above said payment, it is pertinent to mention here that the defendant even did not bother to return the above said money to the petitioner.


5.                 That the petitioner being aggrieved moved an application to the   respondent No 1, but no proper action has been taken by the respondent no . 1. hence this petition. Application as annex –A


Keeping   in  view  of  the     facts ,  and     circumstance                   Mention   above   the  respondent no.1, may also be directed to protect the life property , and libety of the petitioner along with his family members from the brutal clutches of the respondent no 2 , and also request for a registeration of a criminal case against the respondent No 2  under the relevant provision of law.


                      Any other relief deemed fit may also be awarded .






 Through : -

Dt :- 2 -11-10                                       

 Haq Nawaz Bhrwana,

                                                          Advocate High  court,